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"...using Paradigm software for more than 13 years and I have found the software to be very beneficial; not only in filing claims, but also in producing reports that enable you to successfully operate a medical practice. In 2002, I opened a medical billing service ... one choice was clear. Paradigm is the ONLY medical billing software for my company... MD Billing Services, LLC"

~ Pat Smith, CEO


PARADIGM EHR is our premium easy to use Electronic Health Records software product. PARADIGM EHR integrates scanning, electronic documents, note generation and work flow all into one system. This allows you to fully automate your charts completely eliminating the need for paper copies. PARADIGM EHR allows you to store virtually any type of file securely and quickly in a patient’s electronic chart. This includes not only documents and scanned imaged, but also multimedia files such as audio and video. PARADIGM EHR is fully customized to your practice for the collection of any and all data electronically. This is accomplished via integration of image scanning, third party application integration (such as MS Word, voice recognition, etc...), as well as fully customizable data entry forms. The easy to follow chart layout simulates a paper chart to make it easy to store and find information, and the notes generation portion speeds up documenting a patient’s visit to your office. Users can easily work charts through appointment schedules, work lists, or search by patient.

With PARADIGM EHR you can also issue prescriptions and print them to give to the patient, or fax them directly to the pharmacy. PARADIGM EHR maintains a diagnosis history for your patients, and communicates directly with the PARADIGM practice management suite to allow for real time scheduling and account review.

PARADIGM EHR uses the latest in computer technology. The application is served to a web browser (Internet Explorer) on your PC workstation via your local area network. But you can expand beyond your office for viewing charts from the hospital or your home using a Virtual Private Network added to your workstation. This will allow secure access anytime, anywhere via the internet.

PARADIGM EHR also integrates with other vendors such as lab companies and hospitals to not only create orders, but also download results for review and filing in the electronic chart. With PARADIGM EHR your workflow is organized, fast, and best of all you will never have to look for misplaced charts again.


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