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"...using Paradigm software for more than 13 years and I have found the software to be very beneficial; not only in filing claims, but also in producing reports that enable you to successfully operate a medical practice. In 2002, I opened a medical billing service ... one choice was clear. Paradigm is the ONLY medical billing software for my company... MD Billing Services, LLC"

~ Pat Smith, CEO

Account Management

PARADIGM’s success is based on its productivity and efficiency. For example, we manage all of a patient’s visit information on a single screen, called the Encounter Screen. Posting a visit takes only seconds because you don’t have to use multiple screens.

Learning PARADIGM is also a snap because once you’ve learned the Encounter Screen, you have learned the screen where most of your work is done.


The Encounter Screen contains:

  • Patient Name and Account Number
  • Guarantor Name and Account Number
  • Primary Insurance Plan
  • Secondary Insurance Plan
  • Up To 8 Diagnosis Codes
  • CPT/Charge Codes
  • Date of Service
  • Claim Filing Status
  • Controls Which Claims Are Filed
  • Line Item Payment and Adjustment Information
  • Fee Slip Tracking Number
  • Billing Physician
  • Attending Physician
  • Location
  • Referring Physician
  • Facility for Visit
  • Worker’s Compensation Claim Details
  • Next Appointment Information
  • Patient Notes
  • Guarantor Notes
  • Collection Notes
  • Control Whether The Visit is HCFA or UB04
  • Statement Mailing Date
  • Patient Balance
  • Account Balance On File
  • Account Statement Aging