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"...using Paradigm software for more than 13 years and I have found the software to be very beneficial; not only in filing claims, but also in producing reports that enable you to successfully operate a medical practice. In 2002, I opened a medical billing service ... one choice was clear. Paradigm is the ONLY medical billing software for my company... MD Billing Services, LLC"

~ Pat Smith, CEO

Appointment Scheduling

The Appointment Scheduling in PARADIGM is second to none. You will be able to quickly make, locate, cancel, copy or reschedule appointments for any resource in your configuration. Resources can be providers, rooms, equipment, virtually anything you need to schedule. You have the ability to view multiple resources for the same day as well as move them around on the screen so you may view resources next to each other. You may also a view a single resource for up to 99 days at a time.

Patient Flow gives you a visual view of the day’s schedule. By color you will see patients that are check in, in care, have had a fee slip created, and are check out.

It is also easy to spot opening for walk-in appointments if you have a last minute patient.

Scheduling Features

  • Manage multiple resources (providers, equipment, stations, etc.)
  • Accommodate varying schedules for providers for different days & locations
  • Schedule and sort by Date, Times, Resources, Reasons, Locations, Length, and Type (Appointment, Recall, Hospital Round, Personal Appointment or Follow-Up)
  • Display one or several resources at once
  • Track the progress of the patient throughout their visit according to Checked In, In Care, Room #
  • Displayed, Fee Slip Submitted and Checked Out
  • Obtain sophisticated reporting about the length of time patients are in the Waiting Room, Exam Room, Testing Areas or their visit from beginning to end.
  • Pop-Up notes with patient information on the Scheduler display
  • Track kept, cancelled, missed or rescheduled appointments
  • Track Fee Slips according to unique appointment-related tracking numbers
  • Create Recall notices as reminders to schedule future appointments
  • Interface with appointment reminder calling systems