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"...we have seen a substantial increase in our collections per procedure and overall revenue. Utilizing features such as electronic remittance advice among others, our practice has enjoyed the luxury of the increased revenue with an actual decrease in manpower and manual tasks... University Radiology"

~ Michael W. Langenberg, CPA

Electronic Statements

We also offer Electronic Statement Services. This allows your practice to rid itself of the labor intensive task of printing, stuffing and mailing statements. With our services, you can elect to send statements more frequently to spread out your cash flow over the month. We also provide printing and mailing services for collection letters generated by the PARADIGM application. You can send both Statements and Collections Letters quickly and securely to QRS via a Virtual Private Network over the Internet. If we receive your statements before 1PM, they will be mailed the same day. This service includes: statement form, return envelope, mailing envelope, printing and postage. Your statements will be address corrected and pre-sorted before being delivered to the post office to speed delivery.